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As you may have guessed Napoleon Hill has been major influence in my thinking.  Please enjoy this story from him. I think it is a great example of having an open mindset when approaching any situation. 


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Clear the Cobwebsby Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone
Cobwebs will interfere with accurate thinking and cause you to reach a wrong conclusion when you start with a false premise. W. Clement Stone had an amusing experience with this which he describes as follows:
As a boy I enjoyed eating frog legs. One day at a restaurant I was served jumbo frog legs and didn’t like them. Then and there I decided that I didn’t like large frog legs.
Some years later I was at a quality restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky and saw frog legs on the menu. My conversation with the waiter was as follows:
“Are these small frog legs?”
“Yes sir!”
“Are you sure? I don’t like the large ones.”
“Yes sir!”
“If they’re the small ones, that’ll be fine for me.”
“Yes sir!”
When the waiter brought the entrée, I saw that they were jumbo frog legs. I was irritated and said: “These aren’t the small frog legs!”
“These are the smallest we could find, sir,” the waiter responded.
Rather than be unpleasant I ate the frog legs. And I enjoyed them so much that I wished they had been larger.
I learned a lesson in logic.
In analyzing the matter I realized that my conclusions about the merits of large and small frog legs had been based on the wrong premise. It wasn’t the size of the frog legs that made them distasteful. It was the fact that the jumbo frog legs I had eaten the first time hadn’t been fresh. I associated my distaste for jumbo frog legs with size rather than with spoilage.
Now we see that cobwebs prevent accurate thinking when we start with the wrong premise. So many persons think inaccurately when they allow all-embracing word symbols to clutter up their minds with false premises. Such words or expressions as: always—only—never—nothing—every—everyone—no one—can’t—impossible—either . . . or—are most frequently false premises. Consequently, when they are so used their logical conclusions are false.
Source: Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude. Napoleon Hill & W. Clement Stone. Prentice-Hall, Inc. New Jersey. 1960. Pgs. 35-36.


Mastery of Your Thoughts

Mastery of Your Thoughtsby Napoleon Hill
Self-discipline begins with the mastery of your thoughts. If you do not control your thoughts, you cannot control your deeds. Therefore, in its simplest form, self-discipline causes you to think first and act afterward. Almost everyone automatically does exactly the reverse of this. People generally act first and think later–unless they take possession of their minds and control their thoughts and deeds through self-discipline.
Self-discipline will give you complete control over fourteen major emotions listed below. Seven of these are positive, and seven negative:
Positive Emotions

a. Love

b. Sex

c. Hope

d. Faith

e. Enthusiasm

f. Loyalty

g. DesireNegative Emotions

a. Fear

b. Jealousy

c. Hatred

d. Revenge

e. Greed

f. Anger

g. Superstition  

All of these emotions are states of mind and are, therefore, subject to your control and direction. You can see instantly how dangerous the seven negative emotions can be if they are not mastered. The seven positive emotions can be destructive too, if they are not organized and released under your complete, conscious control. Wrapped up in these fourteen emotions is power of a truly explosive nature. If you regulate it properly, it can lift you to heights of distinguished achievement. But if you permit it to run rampant, it can dash you to pieces on the rocks of failure. You should realize that your education, your experience, your native intelligence and your good intentions cannot alter or modify these possibilities.
We have learned in previous lessons that a definite major purpose, activated by a driving motive, is the starting point of all worthwhile achievement. And this motive must be so strong that it will force you to subordinate all your thoughts and efforts to the attainment of your major definite purpose. But this drive must also be subject to the control of your own good judgment so that your enthusiasm and desire will not run away with your wisdom. In other words, you must discipline yourself so that your drive is at all times under control and directed in the proper channels.
Source: PMA Science of Success. Educational Edition. 1983. The Napoleon Hill Foundation. Pgs.268-269.


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